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Arotahi- Focus

To look in one direction, look steadily, focus on, zero in on, concentrate on, take aim...

The sun has intense power, but it can only set a piece of paper alight if it's focused through a magnifying glass...

"Take aim" The first session of Actor's dojo 2021 tonight will be all about this! Getting ready for the year ahead- pointing ourselves, our energy, in the direction we want to go this year. It wont be about where we're looking, it's so easy to get distracted by all the things. I feel like there's always something stealing my focus, pulling it in different directions, diluting its power. This isn't eye focus, it's full self focus. With careful consideration, energised presence and precision we are going to face the direction we really want to head in and bring our full selves: centre, strength, creativity and energy towards it. We will be using the Suzuki Method of Actor Training to engage with and use what might stand in the way of that and take aim...

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